About Agent-K Photography:

Inspired by Stephen of www.hybridvision.net fame, and the purchase of my Digital SLR Camera, I decided that I needed, a quick and simple way to share and reflect on the photos that I have taken.

So I had a friend "in the know" point me in the right direction (thanks Stephen) and a friend with a web server help me out (thanks Grant), and after that it was a simple matter of downloading and customising pixelpost to get this little venture up and running!

Most of these photos will be from my Canon EOS 400D Digital, but I'll also be throwing in some of my Film SLR and maybe even some of the more decent Ixus digital compact shots. I'm going to try and add 3 photos or more a week, so bookmark this site and check back now and then for new photos.

I hope you see something that you like here, or maybe just something that makes you re-think, in some small way, how you perceive the world around you. Mostly though, I just hope you (and others) take the time to "see" the photos on this site at all! After all, what's the use of a photograph that never gets seen?

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All Photos/Images on this site are Copyright K.Robinson 2007 and may not be used without permission.